Maggie & Kathleen 3

Maggie was full of the joys of spring as she walked along the quiet country lane to her friend Kathleen’s to enjoy a good gossip. A car approached and she stepped back to let it pass; it was a posh one she noted, the same as the Bank Managers. But the car stopped and it was a stranger that emerged and walked towards the front of the car, of course he was looking for directions she thought. Suddenly, in full view of Maggie he dropped his trousers and exposed himself. Poor Maggie had never seen such a thing and ran full pelt home, screeching all the way. Her elderly Mother calmed and soothed her throughout the night.

Six months later and Ireland’s serial flasher was in the dock. A nervous Maggie took to the witness box. The prosecutor was gentle and empathetic, particularly when he came to the sensitive question, “Now Maggie, I know this is difficult for you, but your answer is important.”  He paused before asking, “Maggie, did the accused have a full (e)rection?”
Maggie didn’t hesitate, delighted she had the answer, “Absolutely not  – it was definitely a Ford Focus!”
gerardfsmith gerardfsmith
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Dec 16, 2010