NO places-NO names- but it went down something like this....

A young man needs to find a gift for his loved one for her birthday. Since they've gone out for very short time, he decides after some serious consideration to give her a pair of gloves. It would be romantic, but not an intimate gift. Along with his beloved younger sister the young man goes to the mall and buys a pair of fancy gloves.  Sister, however, buys herself a pair of panties.
During the wrapping procedure at home the goods got switched.  Without examining the contents the man mails the package to his loved one and adds a note:  
I chose these because I've noticed that you do not wear them when we go out. Had it not been for my sister, I would have chosen long and buttoned, but she wears short ones, which are easier to take off. I was concerned about their delicate shade, but the saleswoman showed me her three weeks old pair and they were hardly dirty. I asked her to try on your pair and they really looked lovely.
I sincerely want to be the first person you encounter in your new attire, but I have a tendency to to think that someone else's hands will touch them before I can see you again.
If you take them off, just let them air-dry, because they get slightly wet after wearing.
If you only knew how many times I want to kiss them this upcoming year. I hope that you will wear them for my pleasure on Friday night.

 PS. It’s most trendy to wear them when the lining is slightly folded down so that the fur could be seen.

And this is why you shouldn't send a note with a gift! :)
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6 Responses Mar 5, 2011

Classic! I enjoyed reading this. :)

No explanation required, because he'll never see her again, or he's met his soulmate.

Hilarious, made me laugh.

hahaha love it

That was pretty clever.

I am glad you liked it!