Great Exercise!

Exercise? Woodworking?  Well, let me explain:

I've messed with wood a little most of my life, but got into more serious true woodworking in the late 90s.  I got inspirations from magazine projects but many times had to modify the design to suit my objective.  As I progressed, I started designing most of my projects from the ground up, which was (and still is) good mental exercise.  My first designs were done with pencil and paper but I quickly progressed to a computer program that was good for two-dimensional drawings.  A couple of years ago, I advanced to a three-dimensional drawing program, SketchUp, which required a lot of brain power to learn!

In addition to the mental exercises required to design furniture and other items, there is certainly the physical aspect to lifting and carrying lumber and sheet goods.  Being on one's feet for many hours a day to mill, shape and finish a project may not be gym-type exercise, but it's far better than sitting on one's behind all day!

Most of my projects have been for our home and range from a complete master bedroom suite to napkin holders.  I've been fortunate to win awards for several of my creations, also.  Being recognized by others for the quality of my work is nice, but the main rewards for me are the praises from my wife and my own satisfaction.
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Dec 12, 2012