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Women Bad Luck :d

Boy: Marry Me..?

Girl: Do You Have A House...?
Boy: No..

Girl: Do You Have A Bmw Car...?
Boy: No..

Girl: How Much Is Your Salary..?
Boy: No Salary, But...

Girl: No But.You Have Nothing.
How Can I Marry You? Leave Please!!

Boy: (talking To Himself) I Have One Villa, 3 Property
Lands, 3 Ferrari ' S, And 3 Porsche's. Why Would I Need
To Have A Bmw ? How Could I Get A Salary When
I'm The Boss!
& The Girl Lost Her Chance =P =D
rolex928 rolex928 22-25, M 6 Responses Oct 21, 2011

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HAHA...VERY wise's ironic how she treated him like he was the loser b/c he didn't 'match' her criteria, when it turns out that she was the one who wasn't good enough for him! (and i don't mean materialistically)

Hahaha!!! Serves her right! Material things are fun but there's more important things. This is really funny.

You just described every guy I meet except they actually have no job or a really ****** one and no money and cant seem to take care of themselves. I'm a woman with a good job and other things going for me because i work hard to make my life mean something and I guess I look for that same ambition in others. Its not that I care about money or what a guy can hand over to me. Its about his goals in life, maturity and intelligence. If a guy is in his thirties and still works retail and never plans on doing anything with his life and cannot even afford to take me on a date then I dont respect that guy very much. I dont mind paying for dates either. I like to be fair.


That is so funny! Excellent story! Thank you. *walks away laughing*

a man should feel releived to lose such a girl, who only sees his income and property and assets as valuable-

Lol girl surely lost her chance.