If I Am On Here To Long, Remind Me Of My Ambitions And My Goals.

I want to constantly progress, I want to learn and do;

-Joomlah website development.
-Speech Language Pathology.
-Learn more about Autism and functions of ABA therapy.
-To draw in multiple mediums.
-To learn better grammar!
-How to utilize free social media.
-Math, let it no longer keep me from moving on.
-How to cook at least 5 great meals!
-Stock market
-Healthy foods, how to implement them consistently & not spend a fortune!
-Learn how to play the Piano.
-How to implement business plans.
-Where to go for my B.A. and masters for SLP?
-Read more.
-Journal and write more letters.
-Stay in contact with people better have more in depth conversations.
-Help people.
-Patent ideas.
-Sell and get rid of unnecessary objects.
-Work at things from beginning to end.
-Make T-shirts
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22-25, M
Jan 9, 2013