I Wish My Day Would Never End

I can never be enough thankful for the Job I am Blessed to have , I work as a patient relations and rights officer , and as it sounds its a stressful job dealing with the patients and the medical staff and solving the problems they face everyday concerning the health care they receive , the daily complaints , the angry patients and families . facing all kinds of mentalities . all this for one goal. patients satisfaction . 
its not easy job . but its rewarding , and its worth all the efforts , and I couldn't do it if it weren't for the great team  I have. 
my supervisor , who is 5 years younger than i am  , but his expertise and supervising administrative  skills are beyond his age , mellow , always makes me laugh even when i am in my worst mood .
the director assistant,  he always defends me and watch over me , which is why he chose me to work with him at the out patient department to be part of his team , and said that he respects me so much that he can't even look me in the eye , so decent and respectful and never acted like a superior only when i face a problem that i am not familiar with , he would never hesitate to come and help and tell me how to solve it , always tells me that if things get hectic and difficult that i tell them to take the cases . 
i began to hate weekend and always look forward to go to work and be with my team . who truly believe in me and even when i make mistakes and things go wrong, they are there for me . more than my own family would ever do for me . 
.I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world even if they pay me more. as long as i have a such a team, i wouldn't worry about the salary.thanks god for the wonderful job and the amazing team I have 
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Did you have to go to school for this job? It sounds like something i would really love and be good at!!

i am happy that you seemed to have happiness in your job