Thank God For Him .

My supervisor is such a good sweet gentleman, true he sometimes acts strange, unpredictable and moody , but deep down he has such a good heart,mellow , laid back and everyone counts on him for his skills in solving problems . always knows how to smooth things when things get rough , he always make my day when I mess things up if I handle a case .
Today I had a bad day with this rude insensitive doctor who treated me like a doormat in front of a patient because I asked him for the second time if he is able to see the patient who can't come on the appointment he was given since he lives 600 miles far away from the hospital . My job can be stressful dealing with such rude doctors or aggressive patients .
I was choked up and I barely was able to put myself together trying not to break and cry 
I took a deep breath anticipating anyone who would come into my office , but my eyes looked misty . Suddenly he came , asking how was everything .
"Tranquil " I said . But he was not convinced
" are you sure?" He asked again and my reply was everything is under control, but he didn't buy it . 
 , he sat with me and discussed about our project , he never sat in my office before , but today he did and talked about our plan ,It's just overwhelming how caring and warm he is , His words are soothing and always has this particular charm and warmth  that sweep everything that makes me cry or ruin my day he is very down to earth , has a weird sense of humor mixed with sarcasm and wit ,.he never fails to make me laugh even when I am about to burst into tears like he did today , and I believe this was why he stayed in my office , to cheer me up and forget about the lousy obnoxious doctor because he is familiar with his attitudes . he has he own sense of detecting someone who is going through a bad day  and the ability to  cheers him or her up with his sarcastic views and remarks and show the bright  or let's say the funny side of anything that seems troublesome and make complex things look trivial and silly. I asked if its okay for him to be my back up for this project  . He said that i shouldn't worry about it and that we are one team and he will be there for me when i need help .
He is wonderful , words just can't describe him . I am  forever thankful
lonesomedove80 lonesomedove80
31-35, F
Jan 18, 2013