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There's nothing really cool about my profession, but the place where l work is totally laid back and the people are never going at each other. Last Friday my boss took our office over to a fancy hotel and bought us a coupla' rounds of drinks.
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2 Responses May 24, 2007

Your boss rocks. I look back at all my best jobs and they were the ones where people were treated as members of a team. That included socializing together in many company sponsored events like keg parties at the managers house and more family oriented bbq's where we played softball and had jumping castles for the kids. We did this sort of thing maybe 7 or 8 times a year not including the company sponsored holiday parties and bonuses. It helped to build stronger working relationships and people when at work devoted more energy to work because they knew that their social needs would also be met at a later time. That job rocked like a rocket. In fact we were building rockets and other weapons for the defense industry. Party like a rocket scientist is what I say.

I was gonna say, I want your job! But... my job is pretty well the same. No bickering, and my boss is really good to us. Money is a nice survival tool, but an easy going workplace is a MAJOR BONUS!!