This Is What Gets Me

I have noticed that there seem to be people who write stories on here and welcome comments.....but ONLY if those comments agree with them, or have a similar/ same point of view. Sure, if someone were being "attacked" for what they wrote I could see not wanting those comments or if some of the comments were just irrelevant, inappropriate, or rude.....but just because someone disagrees whith them or has a different perspective in the issue, they dont want those comments. To me that's shallow, narrow-minded, immature, and just outright insane. Ive seen it sevseral times, and Im sure others have to.

IndyJoe IndyJoe
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

I have seen it, but it is few and far between. You know what they say...."there's one in every crowd". Personally I like getting various and even diferent points of view (even though its nice when some does agree too), it helps develope a better perspective and understanding.