The Paint Of A Silent Voice

*Not a poetry, just thoughts...

Looking for the bridge that takes me to different travels
A whirlwind of ideas that invades the serenity, dreams and reality
An inexhaustible strength which I live in, here and now
Discovering magics of life, surprises of the world

Emotions in the thoughts that I have
Feeling in the air that I breathe
Seeing in people that I "touch"
Moments of everyday
In each day that passes
It flows inside of my being
As a river that runs for the sea
And the sun that waits for the night
Thoughts transmitted on a piece of paper
In each exclamation point, an explosion of joy
In each question mark, a confession of doubt
In each period, a buried sadness, a past
In each word, a better future
In each story, an expressed feeling
In each step, in everything
It is me, TendereyesPrincess

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Your thoughts are poetical, and your thoughts touch everyone who reads them.

Thankyou Princess for being you and expressing your thoughts.

lovely thank you for the share xxx

and you are an exceptional spirit!

your words are so true to lives, noted, living, passing

Thanks for being you!

'In each exclamation point, an explosion of joy' .. thats lovely!

I have tended to think of exclamation more as an emphasis on anger

Much better to call attention to joy!