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i,m a former undefeted powerliftter national champion as of 2003to2009 i started in 1999 any ways the real me like to be compationate and i,m a person who love to do peoms and crafts i like question and answers so it give me a chance to help people with thire problems.i.m very friendly most of the time i,m positive. but i,m senitive i love wwe.i don,t drink or smoke.i play farmville to much.i work at a farmers market.i have had a hard child hood like every one i know i can help others in need for help.
Peter384 Peter384
41-45, M
7 Responses May 28, 2011

Uuuhhh huh.........

did you do bench pressing, in your life , were you in to that?

hello just new to ep so dont no how it works as yet but hi to you and i like your a good listner and you help people x

Wow! I am impressed. All I can say is, keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your compassionate and helpful comments and answers

you seem like an interesting person

Very nice!! A strong man with a big heart ^_^. I love farmers' markets!! That is where I buy my fruits and vegetables.

You have a heart of gold.. keep it up.. hope you stay.. By the way Welcome to EP. cheers from Singapore