Inside Me Look

In my embrace I will hold you
Faithfully I will
Left behind they will be
The troubles we have
Our place it will be
Freely we will fly
Through my mind's journey
My dreams you will enter

Your soul I will cherish faithfully
The passion I give you feel
The strength you will feel
Control it I can't
You will see the emotions as they stir
That is where your soul lives
My eyes look into

Confess always I will
Loving you faithfully
So sweet my love
My heart is yours
A gentle caress
My voice to hear
My heart beat feel
On mine your hand will be

Always be true I will be
Always remain forever I will
Never fade or go away
For you only it burns
See the flames
Dear Darling feel me
Inside me look.
2012angellove4u 2012angellove4u
46-50, F
Sep 13, 2012