Just My Thoughts For Today

Nothing really has to make sense, most things do while others don't. We walk through this life learning, growing, changing and experiencing, but there are times when we have to have a sit down with ourselves and think. Random thoughts pop up amongst the ones that have very profound meaning and we forget where it is exactly we were heading, its almost as if we don't want to make sense of things until we are fully prepared for the truth.

People walk in and out of our lives, sometimes leaving finger prints on our hearts, other times but a vague memory is all that exists in the very depths of our subconcious but nevertheless they have had their way into our lives and from that we learn. We build up walls and break trust but we also comfort and cherish, no one is a saint and its said that everyone is a sinner but I don't believe that's true because if we were given choice then surely every choice was there for a reason? Right and wrong are merely concepts of the mind brought up to determine the most beneficial choice for everyone and not just oneself, there are so many things in between that it is almost impossible to catagorize everything into right and wrong. True certain choices hurt and cause plenty of damage, but are they really wrong if afterwards we become better people?

We all get lost in the shoulds and shouldn'ts, the rights and wrongs, the black and white and the voice of society rings loud in our heads but where is the voice of the soul in all of that? A soul cannot be wrong and it cannot be right, it cannot be have conditions placed on it to be, it just is. So many things in life just ARE.

So many times we read books and quotes and take others words and wisdom without fully understanding because we haven't gone through things to put it all into perspective. If you haven't learnt the alphabet how are you supposed to understand what is written down on the paper without someone there to read it to you? Its the same when dealing with matters of the soul, we can have people guide us but we have to put in the effort to learn what it is that our own souls want and need and no one else can tell us this i.e. there is no one who knows our soul's alphabet, they only know a few or more letters.

We avoid learning and growing because we think that it will hurt, we believe that change is some evil monster we have to fight until the last breath, but look at what change has brought us: awareness, freedom, choice and a chance to become something more. What is stopping us from change, is fear.

Fear keeps us from achieving certain things in life, it is what binds us but it is also what guides us to safety, without fear we'd be reckless and would cause ourselves injury but too much in our lives causes us to live our lives never leaving the starting point, hiding behind doors and staying home.

You have to draw the lines when it comes to what it is that you are afraid of, some things just should not be put on the line but others need to be tested and tried, there is always a choice. We are free to choose every second of every single day, you choose the words you say, the amount of effort to put in on any project, how you spend you time and how you perceive life. In this way, we are responsible for ourselves and our reactions, when we blame it on someone else we are leaving our choices to them and relinquishing our freedom. So we could say that freedom comes from being responsible for your actions.

Most things in life happen for a reason and we don't know what that reason is until we understand and the only way to understand is to choose to make the effort to learn and grow and become responsible for ourselves. To find order in the chaos of the world, you need to find yourself first.

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