Thinking Of You

Oooo.. If he were here... He would gently make love to me..Exquisitely & exorcizing all 64 kama sutra positions... My only mission would be his pleasure. Admitting into a submissive roll for him as he gently entice himself with my well groomed and self-possessed shiny black slick hair. His inner fetish and his total weakness. He has been the strength of my heart and soul. The man I so need to hold. I am constantly thinking of those times he's embraced me oh so tightly and made passionate love to me. How I wished it had never end. I Long and profoundly exhale as he push himself into my skin as he ventures deep & deeper within my warm and wet secret space. Oh.. His lips upon my skin sent chills all over me. Our bodies both synchronized as he gently move in a rhythmically pace of his sensuality love-making dance. My mind body & soul now in a total submissive roll as he allows me to gently sit over him & I slid him between my moist walls. He defines me as he listen to my moan of pleasures. He calls out my name, as I reply.. Yes daddy am I doing Rt.? He is my desire and I appreciate & love him all. I can feel his desire as his hands take a hold of my waist and his soul is totally synchronized with mines. As I gently slide upon his hardness frame he counts the times I've ***. The more I released the more he became intense. A little switch calls so we can feast upon each other's sensation as we gave each oral stimulation. The penetration of his smooth tongue has become my fixation. Now that I am well satisfied he turns me over as my face blossom with total appreciation. His moment of glory as I gently audition a synchronization touch upon his erected nipples. His appreciation is ricing within me. His face blossoming with intense pleasures. I can sense he is getting close to the edge. His gentle strokes becoming intensified as his inner beast free himself from the intensity of our love session. Roaring like the king of his jungle his pleasures now submerged within my womb. Then he let's himself go over me as he exhaled a breath, then he lay a kiss on my lips.
To: My boo.. M.R.F.
BY: Madeline Serrano

Submissiveswan Submissiveswan
36-40, F
Jan 16, 2013