A Cat Named Rover...

Once upon a time today

 a long long time ago tomorrow

was a cat that lived alone in a bucket of water

This cat every day ate the usual food that cats eat,

turnips and bird seed. she lived her day in the usual routine, bouncing along

on two legs  while flying. She never seen anything out of the ordinary

and most certainly never had met another like her. She  worked her usual cat job

and painted the houses with complete gusto and excitement. She worked long hours,  and when her two hours were done, she went on to her home  in the tree in a bucket of water.

Now this cat, her name was a normal cat name,  nothing weird in the least about this cat, she sharpened her claws on a loaf of bread and hated milk just as she thought any other cat would. Rover  would wash her fur every day with a pop sickle stick and candy corn.  Nothing unusual at all just another day to paint a house and avoid rats and fly while bouncing along.

One day something happened that changed Rover's world forever. She was bouncing and flying when up out of the blue was a very strange looking creature...very strange indeed. He had four legs and made an odd sound in his throat like bees moving at a great speed. He walked on four legs and was just a strange sight to see. Hello Ms bouncing, flying cat, said the strange creature...Rover looked at him  and wondered at his odd ways.... yet his voice ..she just liked it right from the start..."what are you/" she stammered...he said.."why I am a cat of course"..."oh a cat"..she said..".well so am I... how big is your bucket of water you live in? I am saving my money from my painting job to get a bigger one." The cat looked at her like she had lost her mind. "Bucket of water? Cats hate water, and cats don't paint houses, they catch mice and play with yarn." He went on to shatter the world Ms Rover lived in and pointed out how weird she really was. Rover walked away slowly and saw the world in a different light. For the next long months she struggled and strived to be a cat....she made her wings look like legs and tried to walk and not bounce...she rented out her bucket house and started sleeping in a bed of fluffy towels. She just was not happy though if anyone would have taken the time to ask....trying to fit in and be a cat." This was hard work ," she thought and for what? The boy cat, who's name was  Shadow because of his deep black color of fur, still did not seem to notice her. She tried and tried to get his attention but one day they crossed on the street. He had fallen in love it seemed , he talked about how him and this rat had met on the job and he had changed his ways and gotten a paper shredding job. Hi rat and him were going to be married soon. Rover walked away again feeling very lost and very sad.... she started to run,...and when she did the covering fell off and her wings spread and she started bouncing..she felt more free than all these many months... two months of trying to be something she was not.....just an ordinary cat. out of the blue what did she see but a cat bouncing on two legs with wings also....he was looking at her bucket house and said, "Could you rent it to me? "To make my story short you can guess what happened..they were together and lived  happily ever after.


The beginning....



(AG  March 2, 2010)

(Be who you are, don't worry about trying to impress a piece of coal, when you have a diamond in front of you already.)
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Super cute :D

thankyou, dedre, uliftmeup and tempestburns <3 omg such sweet comments hugs to you all

This was the opposite of pointless!! It may have been silly, but it was awesome! great job!

this is not a pointless story, love it :)

Awwww such a cute story, I loved it! (hug) :D