Yoga For The Past 30 Years And Not Planning To Stop...

I took up a beginners' class when I was 18 years old. Fell in love with it at the first lesson. After the 6-month-course ended, I did not go for the intermediate level because of time constraint. So, I bought books to continue my yoga journey... at home.

I love the sun salutation - a nice warm up and light stretching in totality.

I love the tree pose - I have the feeling of growing tall - elongates from top to toe.

I love the cat stretch, cobra pose, sphinx pose, camel pose and bow pose - relaxes the muscles at the spine.

I love the sage's pose - the twist removes stiffness.

I love the fish pose - it opens up the chest.

I love the eagle pose and Lord of the dance pose - it tells me I am still flexible and am able to keep my balance.

So many more, and I love them all.

I always end with the lotus pose or the child pose then if I have the time... the corpse pose ;)

Besides yoga, i do brisk walking etc but still, I credit yoga for my toned body. After each session of yoga, I always feel taller, leaner, refreshed and happy... hmm.... I have this 'I can take on the world' feeling. lol...

jeanma jeanma
46-50, F
2 Responses Nov 11, 2009

hi clarkee, a belated thank you :)
i havent been here for a long time now. since my absence, i had enrolled myself to a power yoga class which i did for two years. then, to slow it down abit (not getting younger haha), i switched to hatha yoga which i am still with. loving it...

i loved your written desc<x>ription of your practice. its really obvious you love and enjoy it. if i wasnt already in to yoga your story would make me more interested. in fact it makes me feel like doing it right now! see ya!