Double Duty

Last weekend, my wife and I met a nice couple for sex.  It was a bisexual mmf with my wife as the photographer.  When the woman asked my wife "Do you mind?" :)  My wife got the camera and said, "Go for it".  Lying on the bed as the couple took pleasure in pleasuring me was wonderful!  Maybe next time, it will go as a 4 way?

married2bf married2bf
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8 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Dude, the 4-some was right there ... why wait :o

Grins - We used <strong>their</strong> cameras and they only sent us a couple of shots! I posted the wife giving me head in "I am for Her" ... Now, if SF turns her "yes, maybe" into a "<strong>yes!</strong>" I might get to create a "She's for Me!" folder!

That's probably the safest place for you ... you know I'm <strong>never</strong> satisfied.

I know that grin! I think that I will go out of town tomorrow to run away!!!

Raises eyebrows and grins!

Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. It is often found in women, but rarely in a man!!! And by the way dear, yes, maybe!

patience may be a virtue ... but I think I got into the wrong line when the good Lord was passing it out!

Just a matter of time . . . Be patient.