My First And Only

It's been many years a ago but I'll share with you my first and only blow job from a man.  I was partying at the bar with some friends when it was decided I couldn't drive home.  A friend of a friend of a friend volunteered to let me crash on his couch.

To make a long story shorter, when we got to his place and I was making myself comfortable on the couch I started grousing that I want to pick up some chic at the bar and **** her.  Out of the dark I heard  " How would you like a blow job?"  Sure, I replied jokingly, if you want to give me one!  That's when I felt his hands un-buttoning my pants, puling the zipper down, and tugging  my pants over my hips.

At first I was scared, but thought what the hell, and lifted my hips to help him with the pants.  That seemed to be all the encouragement he needed!  As soon as I was naked from the waist down, I felt his hand and hot breath on my semi hard ****.  Fear of the taboo quickly turned to excitement and I began to swell in anticipation of what was to ***.   I swear I felt the blood draining from parts of my body as  my heart quicken to pump it to my ****.  IT WAS THROBBING!!

Still I was a little fearful with my manhood exposed.   I was surprised when his mouth quick engulfed my  ****. I guess couldn't seem to believe that he  had just gone straight down on me without a word of encouragement.   In the faint light it appeared the it was the most natural thing in the world for him.  I on the other hand had never done it before.  Hell, I had never even seen **** at that stage in my life!

I didn't know what to do with my hands so I put one on his shoulder and squeezed when ever it feet good.  He soon picked up on that un-spoken language of the blow job.  I keep my eyes on the top of his head, but the visual aspect of my **** disappearing into a willing mouth in the dim light was more then I could handle. 

 As he was flicking  the tip of his  tongue over the eye of my **** working on a nice a rhythm around the sensitive  grove where the rim meets on the underside of my shaft,  I tensed up and my **** exploded !    He never stopped sucking  and moving my **** in and out of his mouth.


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Loved it.

Too bad it is such a taboo that men feel about it that they cannot help one another out when they need it and not be considered gay.

Mmmm mmmm, wish I had friends like that! I have close guy friends but none THAT close! LOVE the idea of it! It's not that I haven't been sucked, or that I don't get sucked by a guy every now and then, but I sure would like one or more buddies that are into it for regular "relief"

Obviously you think about it to this day so you should talk to him about it and who knows, you may become even better friends lol.

wow great stories, I was blow once too. In my case was my best buddy we were going to hunt every year with his father I was 16 and he was 17, we banged girls in his car a couple of times, His father had a nice cabin in the woods, we hunted in there for years since I was 12, One night, his father forgot something in his car, the problem was the car was like half hour away,so he told us, to wait he was going to get I think was some heart medication he needed. So he left and he left us in the cabin, we started talking about chicks, and he told me my girlfriend told his girlfriend about how big was my ****, I laughed, and he said let me see it. I did not say anything and I took it out but it was limp, and he told me "make it hard bro" I want to see it. I made it hard, he then said wow, I really want to suck that monster, I have 9 inches and I think I already had 9 inches back then. I looked at his face and he was dead serious, he took my stick and sucked on it like it was not tomorrow, he got his mouth fool of my honey, and he swallowed all of it. Then he told me "we are buddies you know, keep it quiet" no problem I answered. We never talked about it or we did it again, we are still friends, But we never did anthing like that again.

I'd like to find that Buddy now

I had a buddy in high school who gave me blow jobs for several years. Both of us banged chicks at parties but when we were alone he never said anything, he just pulled my **** out and sucked until I blew down his throat and he never asked for reciprocation because he knew it would never happen but in retrospect, maybe I should have gave him at least one for all those great bj's lol.