A Very Long Time Ago

Going back to when I was nineteen, I remember the first time a guy sucked me until I was almost ready to *** but couldn't quite pop it, finished it off by jacking until I hit ******, and then he went down on me and I shot in his mouth. I thought I was going to pass out from the sheer ecstasy! It was such an incredible feeling!

To set the record properly, though, I'll say that this experience was not my first time with a guy, but only one of the first times I'd been sucked, and the first one obviously that I came in a guy's mouth. It was several years later, however, that I first had any sexual contact with a woman, and quite a while after that when a woman sucked me and I came for her.

It was several years after the time mentioned in the first paragraph that I was sucked to ****** with no jacking. He was a real expert and knew all the right moves (It's extremely difficult to get me to *** this way, and only a few people have manged it.) The secret was that he stuck a finger up my *** and massaged my prostate in just the right rhythm, and off I went. He was pleasantly surprised when I showed my expertise in sucking him and got him off the same way! (The guy had picked me up hitchhiking, and took me home with him, then brought me back to the highway.)

I once got the supreme compliment from a guy I just got into an idle conversation with in a park. He invited me to walk home with him after learning of my sexual orientation, because he had never been sucked by a man and the idea intrigued him (plus, he was horny). So we walked to his place and undressed (I think I did; I know he did) and I started in on him after telling him to let me know if it felt uncomfortable. It took only about ten minutes and he shot a delicious load. I kept sucking as he didn't deflate, then pulled off and said, "I think you're good for another shot." He replied, "Oh, no, I've never been able to *** more than once for my girlfriend." I came back, "Let me try it. If you don't like it, tell me and I'll stop." It took about forty minutes, and I felt the telltale signs of impending eruption. Then, blammo! As soon as he could speak again, he said, "Wow, you're even better than my girlfriend!" That was the best compliment he could give! I got my stuff and left, but I have the feeling I wouldn't be his only male sex partner.

Now you've read my story so let's read yours!

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Were u at, would love to try.