From My Best Friend.

The summer between 7th and 8th grade when I was 13 years old my best friend and I discovered his fathers' enormous collection of Playboy and Penthouse magazines going back at least a decade or more.  You can imagine what an amazing discovery this was for the two of us.  That first night when I was staying over we looked at the magazines together side by side in awe and amazement at the beautiful and sometimes graphic (on the Penthouse side) images before our eyes.  Naturally we both had serious erections, but neither of us did anything about it that first night at least not in front of one another.  It is quite humorous now but after looking at the magazines and deciding it was time to get some rest we both "had" to go to the bathroom before going to sleep where I know I *********** and I only assume he did based on how long he was in the bathroom.

The next night I was staying over again and naturally as soon as the house was quiet and we were sure his parents were asleep we grabbed some magazines and started looking again.  We also read "out loud" a lot of the stories from the Penthouse magazines.  Almost every issue of Penthouse would have some pictures of a woman with a man and simulating oral ***.  

On this night we both we rubbing our crotches while reading and looking at the pictures and I don't remember which one of us decided to unzip and pull out our ****, but either way we both ended up pulling down our pants and jacking our ***** side by side.  One story in particular was really erotic and talked about a guy getting a ******* for the first time from his g/f.  We both commented on how amazing that would be and how we couldn't wait until we had a g/f that would do that to us (we both had g/fs at the time but neither of us had done more than kissing).

We both kept on stroking and talking about getting a ******* and finally, knowing what we were both thinking, I told him that I would suck his **** if he would do the same back to me. He agreed and that was the start of a many year long "mutual relief" understanding between the two of us.  That first time neither of us **** from the *******, but eventually we both got pretty good and very quickly learned how to make each other ***.

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awesome tale!

Does`nt take long. Great story.

Great story, had very similar experiences as well.

I was just 12 and my buddy 10 and we were having fun in our big tree house. It was really private high in a big oak tree with walls and only entry by a bottom trap door. we were looking at some penthouse pics from our big brothers collection. my **** got hard and i looked over at him and his was sticking up in his short. So I said: My **** feels so hard like a **** head in the morning... he said his was too. then began the game of mine is harder. I told him to feel mine and then i felt his. what a great feeling so we took the ***** out of our shorts and began stroking them. I told him to stroke mine and he did. man it felt so good and I still think about it today for my first time getting a hand job! I then asked him what he thought the sucking would feel like as we read in the penthouse. told him to suck me. didn't want to as he said I'd then call him a queer. told him I'd such him too and we'd have our secret. so we did. my first **** sucking by him felt so good and I really enjoyed sucking his. we were too young to *** then but we enjoyed that tree house all summer long and sucking *****. i came in his mouth late in the summer and he licked it all off my ****. he never was able to *** but i enjoyed sucking him anyway. we gave up the penthouses as it only took time away from our sucking but we did like looking at the big **** and often we sucked our **** too. his family moved late that fall and i lost my best sucking friend.

That is a shame that you grew apart, but I guess that is only natural. In my case we continued to suck each other off throughout High School and then occasionally during college during breaks when we were both back home. He is still a good friend to this day, but we haven't fooled around in years.

I had one friend, we sucked each other from about 12yo till we grew apart, around 16.We met again at 19, and after I started sucking him, I turned around and got in the 69 position on top. I was in heaven, I think about it alot still. I held his tight little asscheeks in my hands while sucking his ****.<br />
He must not of liked it, cuz I haven't seen him since.

Combook I totally agree and thanks for jake for the comments on the avatar. I have other versions I'd be happy to send to you or you can just google for them.

It's more common than most think. Few men admit it though.

I never had a friend like that. Wish I had... I wouldn't have *** so late to this party otherwise! Later or not, I'm glad I finally arrived! Can't get over what I have been missing!

We are so much alike it's scarry, like some mirrored universe offset by a couple of decades. i could tell almost the same story... actually I think i have somewhere around here. Plus we have the same interests in life -- spooky man, just spooky.

I didn't know how lucky I was at the time. I didn't even consider that I was bisexual or anything of that sort. We were just getting off, but it was fantastic and we are still friends to this day although the "mutual relief" sessions stopped sometime in college.