It Happened One Night

I can't imagine degrading or humiliating any person but I adore consentual role play. It's very obvious a "rape scene" can be a huge turn-on for some women but the best one I have ever heard about happened to a beautiful friend of mine named Janet. A very elegant and refined woman, she lives in a beautiful home and in the center of her kitchen is an "island workspace" that is actually an old butcher block from a grocery store.

She has cleaned it and beautiful restored the wood and I'll bet it weighs 500 pounds. One night she confided she will never part with it because it is her most erotic memory. It seems an old college friend had come to town while her husband was away, this just after she had turned 40. Actually, the two were in the same sorority in college and were never close but the woman was travelling through and asked Janet if she could spend the evening.

They had a fun dinner and had cleaned up the kitchen when the other girl, about her age and also quite attractive, suddenly asked Janet to do something quite unusual. Janet also felt a very cold item placed firmly at the back of her neck. Thinking it was a gun, she immediately complied and the visitor made her bend over the butcher block, securely tying each of the scared woman's hands to either side of the sturdy legs.

Janice asked why her friend would want to rob her, to tie her in order to steal her money and credit cards, but the other woman only laughed, saying, "If you make a sound I will kill you." The visitor then secured the kitchen drapes and walked from the room.

Up until this point a sexual liason was the farthest thing from Janet's mind. She was fully clothed and dinner conversation had included only warm memories. The knots from the silk ties were tight but not hurting and Janet was wondering why on earth she was tied face down. She could still move her feet ... they were free ... but she knew there was no way for her to pull the heavy wooden centerpeice.

She heard her supposed friend and immediately begged to be released, saying she would give her anything that the campus dorm mate from 20 years before wanted. The woman again laughed, quietly saying, "I'm going to take it anyway" and stepped into Janet's face-down view. As she did, Janet cringed because the woman was only wearing a bra and panties. And had strapped on a sustanial green-colored *****.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way," the woman said, gently stroking Janet's hair as if to comfort her. "I won't hurt you if you comply with what I am going to do to you any way ... but, if you don't ..." her voiced trailed as she delivered quite a had-handed swat to the bottom now bent in a way Janet realized was ideal for the sexual mission.

Janet told me she searched her mind, unable to remember any instance the other girls sometimes whispered in the sorority. Both Janet and her visitor had been married for years and this came completely out of the blue. Janet said she had had a couple of experiences with girls in college but it was just heavy petting, nothing like what was taking place.

But she didn't fight as she felt the woman's hands at the waist of her designer pants and did hold her breath when her front zipper was pulled down. She could feel the woman rubbing the orbs of her bottom, gently at first and then needing the upraised rump a bit more forcefully. Janet said nothig, humiliated but curiously wondering what she could do to avoid the green *****.

The visitor then went to Janet's feet, taking off her heeels to rest on the cold slate floor of the kitchen and removing the wad of her fallen slacks. Then the woman, delighted at the picture, walked back to where Janet could see the wobbling sex toy and the tube of lube in her hand. Massaging the ***** much like Janet had watched her husband **********, she worried hat it might be too large. "Maybe for a moment at first but I believe you are going to enjoy this as much as I am.

"I've left your legs untied so you can position them in the most comfortable way to stand but if you kick me, or try to stomp on my foot, the concequencies will be severe ... do your rember playing with Terri, your roomate, in the sorority once long ago. Oh, I know you two just did it for kicks. Terri told me it was the first time you had ever tasted another woman's nipple and I have wanted you ever since. Don't you like to look at other women's nipples and wonder?"

Wiping the lube off her hands with a kitchen cloth, the woman then unsnapped her white lace-and-satin bra and Janet couldn't keep her eyes of the quickly-hardening nipples. "I'm going to push your top up as far as you can and hope you feel these rubbing against your back. Other women are really turned on when that happens...."

The woman returned to the back of the butcher block and very slowling, in a calculated way, pulled Janet's panties down over her bottom but left then taunt at her hips. "Move your feet apart. Do it now, please." Janet complied but the woman, wearing sturdy low heels, kicked the bare feet wider. She felt two hands grab her hips, lifting her bottom high to straighten Janet's outsplayed legs. An then she felt an inquisitive finger.

"My goodness, you are soaking wet. I wouldn't have used the lube." Soon the blunt tip of the toy was pushed towards her sex and the woman, obviously experienced, entered Janet in one deep thrust. the girth causing Janet to gasp. Another followed and then more, The woman was softly talking about what the ***** was doing and when Janet felt the two breasts, and those nipples against her back, she began to respond in a scary but excited way to the green object that was now banging against Janet's crevix.

"I have never come so hard in my life. It was absolute ecstasy. My friend knows how to work a *****, fast then slow, shallow then deep. After I came the second time I was completely frazzled, or so I thought. She pulled from me and I immediately relaxed like a wet wash cloth on the block. But she didn't say a word. Instead, I felt the now-warm ***** going right in my ***. I knew not to tighten and, after a moment, there was no pain at all. I haven't had any anal sex since college. My husband doesn't enjoy it, but this brought more fireworks."

Janet said that when her vistor was finally done, the woman sensed her victory and untied her. "We kissed and made out like two horny 18-year-olds. Later that night we did everything two women can do to each other and I wore a ***** for the first time, although not nearly as well as my visitor. We also have sworn to meet one another about once a month for the rest of our life."

"I am very still very much married, and our sex life to not as good as it once was but it's still okay. The big part is holding on the fantasy, remembering how scared I was at first and then how I loved everything that happened. I think about it when I ********** ... sure I do ... and I have my own two dildoes and harnesses well hidden.

"But I'll never forget the night I was raped ... at least, I hope I never do."
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Oct 16, 2010