I Love It.....

so being with a woman is one of the best experiences ive ever had. its as if they know exactly what you want.....because they're a woman too. the last girl i was with knew which places to lick, suck, and nibble on. i love the feeling of another womans breast on top of me as we're kissing. just thinking about it drives me crazy. i love to see her body move as i spread her legs and use my toung to please her. it a major turn on.

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Is it possible, Gentlemen, that in fact there aren't women out there that are impressed with a ham-handed Neanderthal...who has no real clue how or why a woman needs to be loved completely as only another woman can? Been there, done that, rode the rides and fill out my ever so tight tshirt with my 38Ls. And to deny that women have a better intuition for how another woman needs to be touched, by virtue of her own personal knowledge of her own female anotomy would be patently ludicrous! Be Sweet guys...Danielle

i can understand your problem <br />
don t that way sex is costly where are u from <br />
i am male i am coming to u wth happy <br />
i want to sex with u <br />
if u have any interest i will come there <br />
tell me ur p no <br />
Enjoyed My Sexual Encounters With Women is bad <br />
on more don't use sex machine <br />
now few type of sex machine available in market<br />
if u use will come to diseases<br />
ok u wish <br />
bye friend

Is this a Ladies room?

YEP! I know just what you're talking about. I've always found these types of encounters a lot like pizza.....even the bad ones are pretty okay! LOL

teel us every detail please

Wow! What a hot story!