Would Like a Real Touch

So I have had sexual experiences with women, but only in chat rooms, exchanging fantasies about what and how we would like to touch one another.  When my husband is away for the night, I actively seek out these interactions that I can have with women.  I would love one day to have a real experience with a woman (or experiences), and fantisize about it often, but I am shy and cannot seem to find the beautiful woman that I want to share my first experience with.  But I am patient, and know the time will come one day.......

41-45, F
7 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Try getting a massage from a not-so-professional female masseur. I'm sure if you look on Craigslist in the w4w section you will find plenty of opportunities... Wishing you the best of luck!

It would be thrilling to see you interact with another woman on say Skype. Teasing each other, flirting and finally m*st#rb^ting mutually...lol! xxx

I will reiterate Carpediems' interogatory with my own chorus of "Oh where, oh where for art thine room of chat to which you refer and thus can be found?".

AKM,<br />
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We NEED a bigger picture hon, you could post a lot pictures for all of us that will only dream about the close up.<br />

I have the same idea as roxy1 but I would like to do a lot more especiall if it is really you in that picture.

So was that you that I was chatting with the other day in the chat room. ...<br />
I must confess .. I lurk at night in the chat rooms too.

my wife can only c*m by thinking about another woman.