Panty Fetish Not Just A Guy Thing

Having a fetish for panties is certainly not just for guys and I know there are lots more girls like myself who are into panties they are just to timid to admit it. I am a girl who has had a panty fetish for as long as I can remember. It started out oddly much like it did for you guys who have a fetish for panties, seeing your moms panties or sisters panties laying on the floor. For me it started out seeing my older sisters sexy panties laying on the floor in the bathroom, at the time I was still wearing the plain cotton bikini style and she had lace, silk, nylon, satin, combinations of lace and nylon, bikini style, thong, etc. I got so turned on seeing her panties that I had to try them on, I picked them up and put them on and stood in front of the mirror admiring how sexy her panties looked and felt. I loved the feeling of the different material on my body and it turned me on. For months I would sneak into the bathroom after my sister took a shower and put on her panties. My curiosity grew and I began to wonder what type of panties my friends wore or there older sisters wore, about half my friends wore the same type of panties as me but some did have sexier fabrics and styles and I would always try and catch a glimpse of there panties, or spot a pair in the hamper or laundry. On many occasions I was able to wear there panties, or there older sisters panties, sleep overs were the best as it gave me extra time to enjoy searching for and wearing my friends panties or there older sisters panties. A few times I slept in there panties all night long, was such a thrill to be wearing there panties and sleeping so close to them. Sometimes the panties were dirty and sometimes they were clean, but for some reason finding ones that has been recently worn turned me on much more than the clean ones, it was then that I realized it was not just the feeling of the panties, or the look of the panties, it was also knowing they were worn by another girl and thats when my curiosity as to what others girls smelled and tasted like began. Having been a girl who was not afraid to **********, I had already explored licking my panties and sniffing my panties and it always got me so wet and turned on to smell myself and taste myself. I loved ************ while having my legs up in the air with my panties around my knees so I could finger myself and lick and sniff my panties at the same time, I loved doing this on the floor in front of my mirror. My curiosity to what other girls smelled like grew and soon I found myself picking up my sisters panties and and putting my nose in the crotch of her panties inhaling her scents. Many times I got to do this right after she finished in the shower and I found what you guys are always on the look out for a fresh pair, still warm and wet. She had a much stronger smell than me, and I *********** many times wearing a pair of her panties and sniffing another pair. My curiosity only grew more and more and when over at friends houses my thoughts were always on there panties, what type they were wearing, would I get a peek at them wearing them, and would I find a pair in the hamper that was either theirs or there sisters. Some of my friends were not that shy and would change in front of me so I got to see them walking around there room in there bra and panties, if only they knew that it made me so turned on and wet. My ultimate fantasy was to be able to tell them of my love of panties and for us to sniff panties together and try on each others panties and have a fashion show. I sniffed, licked and wore just about all my friends panties and there sisters panties, I could not wait to visit many of my friends and dig through the hamper or laundry, as I mentioned before sleep overs were the best, much more time to enjoy there panties. My panty fetish only grew as I got older, when I started buying my own panties I bought the sexiest ones you could buy, I loved shopping for new panties, my friends bought tons of purses and shoes I bought tons of panties, even bought a few of my friends panties while we were out shopping, little did they know I would be sniffing those same panties after they wore them. Once again girls being girls some of my friends were not to shy and we would sit around there room in only our panties talking, if only they knew I knew what they tasted and smelled like and how I so wanted to have them sit on my face while they were wearing panties so I could smell and lick there panties while they were still wearing them, yes I am a girl who loves facesitting, doing it or having it done, have always enjoyed seeing pics of girls sitting on a guys face while they were wearing panties, just turns me on so much. I was never confident enough to tell any of my friends about my panty fetish, just never got the vibe that they would be into it. So there is a bit of the start of my panty fetish. Yes girls can have a panty fetish just like you guys, and I feel sort of sorry for you guys because us girls are lucky we get to be around others girls and have much easier access to seeing them in panties and to there dirty panties. I wonder how many other girls like me are out there hanging around there friends and thinking and doing many of the things I have done with my friends panties. Just like you guys I love seeing other girls in panties, ************ with panties, sniffing panties, licking panties and all aspects of panties. Its hard to put into words what a turn on panties are, I just know they turn me on and make me so wet.
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I love wearing pocket tactile bikinis.

Yeah I can relate, I'm a man who loves soft silky or lacy panties.Dirty are so much more exciting. I tie them around my **** very tightly when I have sex with my wife. She finally accepted it. They get really wet during sex which is exilerating. I no longer hid this fetish or am ashamed of it. It makes me feel great and is harmless. My wife will sometimes stuff panties in her vagina for me. Have you tried panty stuffing?

Thank you for inspiring me to not give up finding a girl who appreciates panties like we do.