I Think It's a Nice Book..

Very often there are very stereotypical thoughts of teenage boys and girls in books like that. And if you read it you think like "Oh no.." because it just sounds like the thoughts of an elderly person about teenagers..
But this book was just very real i think
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He's going to New York, yes, but he also goes a little bit nutty because of his conflicting feelings about his brother's death. Really it's like he's literally Running from his problems by running away from school. which is why he thinks so hard about running away from home altogether. He's hitting the wall, so to speak, and takes off on this adventure to try to distract himself from it all. But he just misses his brother. <br />
<br />
And it's missing his brother that makes him miss his sister, too. Which makes him come home afterall.

but it's much more than him just getting kicked out and going back home. You've oversimplified it tremendously. My husband asked me what the book is about, and I wasn't sure how to answer. Summing up the plot of events in one or two sentences doesn't do it justice.