Our running club had its annual prizegiving at the end of the year.

December is summer here and that means it is pretty hot.

I had to help the chairman with handing out prizes and certificates, so my wife sat at a table with some of the other club members and their partners etc.

My wife had these sexy bush of long curly hair at the time and she was wearing this white kinda dress that buttoned up in front from top to bottom.

She looked stunning like always. But at some stage during the event I caught a glimpse of this guy who positioned himself in such a position that he could either look up her dress or he tried to peep inbetween the buttons whenever the gaps opened between the buttons when she somehow moved around on her chair.

I realized then how very attractive and sexy she was and how tempting she was for other men!

When I got to sit down next to her later, (and the guy was still taking his chances) I tried to see what he could see.

I was surprised when I could see her panty at times. She was wearing a matching white panty - but it had this embroided seethru patches on the front.

Then I knew why this guy was really drooling over her!

Icubus Icubus
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5 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I love it when my wife drives some poor guy nuts by allowing him to get several peeks at her "charms"

So sexy to have your wife watched like that knowing what the guy would like to do with her.

u r so lucky man! would you send some of your wife's beautiful pics to me at

Yes, we had a chat that night - she saw his eyes wondering and wanted to see how much she could tease him.

Did your wife realize where the guy was looking?