She Likes Strangers

My wife can be as hot and slutty as she chooses and when she chooses you are a lucky man.  One guy almost got the golden prize.  She was going to meet him and **** him.  If it happened she didn't tell me.  She tells me most things so maybe she changed her mind.  She tells great stories but youu have to be her friend to hear them.  She likes one on one so she has to tell you privately what she would like to do to you.  She is very pretty and in her younger days was one of the hottest women on the planet and could pretty much get any guy she wanted.  She certainly had plenty after her.  She talks about wanting that lifestyle again.  If so, there will be some  very lucky men out there.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

A very hot wife

I met my wife when she was 19 and I was 23. She was, and is, 5'6, blonde, blue eyes, nice boobs, nice ***, great legs, beautiful smile but was very shy and quite not outgoing at all. The looks were my type but the personality wasn't. She'd never had a drink of alcohol in her life. I changed that! She became more outgoing and bubbly and sure of herself. I loved the looks of lust on mens's faces when we were out and especially at parties where with a few drinks she became flirty and allowed a few feels. What an ego boost that was for me! You want her, but I've got her! Eat your heart out! This all led to some extremely exciting times of wife swapping and MFM theesomes. I loved seeing other men of her choosing get to enjoy and body that I knew they wanted so badly. I could just never to get her to show as much skin as I would have like in public or at the beach. I couldn't have everything my way. We're still happily married 40 years later, but our sexual dalliances stopped since she got older. I'd love to have another hot ********* today!

Sounds so nice