Wine Enemas

As long as you are careful and know the right proportions (2 to 1 water to wine is best) wine enemas are a wonderful way to relax.

Also fun to get drunk from the bottom up... :)


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I know it is great

they are great

I love wine enemas. And I give them to my entire family every Friday evening. Relaxing and the kids get a good night's sleep.

I've tried wine enemas also...yes, I found out you have to be very careful. The first time I used about 1/2 bottle of white wine with 1/2 water. Then about an hour or so later did the other 1/2 bottle. I got extremely drunk but not at a dangerous level. After that, I reduced the amount of wine I took in at a time and it has been quite enjoyable and relaxing.

Ive done the spiked enemas now for about 35 years. Started out using diluted Red Wine, then went to straight wine. When I wanted to get totally intoxicated, which was most of the time, I would but the red wine in the gallon glass containers at your local supermarket. I would pour 2 quarts of the wine into a large glass beaker and warm the wine up real good in the micorwave oven. Getting the wine to just above body temp. I started out using a double balloon bardex enema nozzle at first, for these types of enemas can induce strong labor contracitions and cramping. But after taking them for a long time consistently, I finially got over needing to use a balloon bardex. I let the wine in in stages, about a pint at a time, every 15 minutes. I allways do a theral 3 quart prep enema, at least 2 of them, before taking one these spiked enemas. Having a cleaned purged out colon, free of fecal matter, helps considerable with inducing a much faster alcohol absorbtion rate and eliminates almost entirely, post enema cramping. After I let in the 1st pint, it only takes about 70 or so seconds, and I can taste and smell alcohol on my breath. The alcohol really gets into yoru system fast via a Enema. I have now switched to using Vodka and water combos. I add to a 2 quart enema bag, 2 cups of 80 proof vodka to 2 quarts of water. This too, I let in in stages, about a pint at a time every 15 minutes. With this dosage of alcohol to water mixture, I can becum intoxicated in about 55 minutes to a hour and fifteen. Never do any more alcohol in a enema than you would be willing to drink in a nights setting. For its very easy to overdose here.

interesting about the vodka solution and I know you have to be very careful of the amount of alcohol. Does it get you drunker faster and is it a better feeling, about the same as if you drink it? Just curious.

sound like me I been doing beer /wine / vodka for a long time now I am into loving it I do it on weekends I have a lot of differ nozzle e mail me we can do on some time

I think it gets you there faster but it is more laid back it feels better to me

I also like using wine or vodka in enemas. Great to enjoy an enema and feel great too. I agree on being careful of the amount of alcohol used.

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warm beer going up in the butt feels good gives a good high to have used a bardex ret nozzle done a cobra beer un hooked the pipe went to the store got another one with nozzle in ,my butt full of beer did not leak luckyly i wonder what peaple thought i know they could see the out line of my pipe comeing out

I use a beer enema once or twice a month. Warm it up and take it slow. 40 oz is plenty, but I have taken 64. I do not believe that you get any drunker this way than by drinking the same amount.

yes you can I have let a 12 pack in me over 6hr span got drunk if I have to go out while I am still loose down there I found I can put 2 kotex in a pair of bike shorts will stop a wet spot in your jeans

makes me pee a lot too

I have tried beer.It fomed up and filled my bottom up.I need to try wine it sounds a little more pleasent.

warm wine will be better a beer enema will hurt some time but I lke the way it hurts now

My favorite enema - enjoying one now! Knowing your limits they bring a new erotic dimension to bottom filling!

it is great I wish there was a place you could go an get enemas like a private club lay back an see others doing it

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fun fun

I have only mildly experimented with one.As there were so many horror stories associated to them.Glad yours have been good.may explore them some more

can be dangerous but I love to do it I have passed out