Once Upon A Time, Not That Long Ago.....

Little background before my story. i have posted how i got into wetting and such so this is only a little filler for this story. Last summer i finally opened up and embraced the fact i am TG, and at that point i started to wear panties under my clothes, however i was also beginning to miss doing something that i hadnt done much in quite a while, I was at this time on state disability, and could not work, so i didnt have to be up late, and enjoying the night air i likeed staying out in it. Well one night i decided i missed wetting my pants too much, and let myself wet a little. I started doing it fairly often, and when i started wearing skirts all the time it made it easier, less to get wet, there were a number of nights i went inside and got ready for bed and didnt need to go. Not too long after this the one person in the household who i was worried what they would say went to visit other family for a month, that entire month i either wet my panties or a diaper if i needed to go, and risked messing a few time in the process but that is a story for another group. Suffice to say, i was kinda bummed when he got back and i had to stop.

Thank you for reading probably wasnt all that good.
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Wearing a skirt, and panties, and wetting is much more fun, and undetectable most times. What we do around the house, and the back yard is our business. Glad we got such a big back yard.<br />
Enjoy your freedom while you can.

It must be much easier to wet yourself in a skirt. I envy Scotsmen who wear kilts, but perhaps that's why some of them do:-)