Snow Pee...

We had a measurable snow for the first time this winter and, as always, it reminded me of something that happened many years ago.

For anyone who has read some of my posts you know that through my teen years I had a wetting problem. It was one of those things that, if I managed my time well, wasn't that big a problem. I had a standing baby sitting job to look after a set of twins (a boy and girl) anytime school was closed because of snow. I think they were about 11 or 12 at the time. Like most kids they enjoyed playing in the snow, especially the first one of the year. I showed up at their house but not really dressed to stay outside for any length of time. I told them they could play in thier yard where I could keep an eye on them through a window but they wanted to play with their friends down the street. When I explained why I couldn't go outside with them they suggested that I could use their mother's ski suit. I wasn't too keen on that but they prevailed and got it for me. It was one of those where the pants were bib overalls and you wore the jacket over it. I made sure I used the toilet before we left the house.

Normally, I'd check the time, trying to use a toilet every hour. I got caught up in what the kids were doing (building a couple of snow forts) and lost track of time. Actually, a couple of my friends joined in the fun which further distracted me. Under normal circumstances I'd get a "warning" of impending doom by feeling a few dribbles and then I'd have to make a mad dash for a toilet. When I felt the dribbles we were in a large farm field. It was at least 5 minutes to the closest house. So, here I was, dribbling into a borrowed ski suit and knowing I was going to flood it in a minute or so. It was panic time!

I knew if I went back to the twins house I'd have to take them with me and they'd be mad. I also knew that even if I did try to leave I'd wet the suit anyway. So, I stood there and peed into the suit. I was sure that it was going to show and, stupidly, kept feeling my butt. I was also fearful that it was going to get cold and so would my legs where it had run down the legs of my jeans.

I decided to stay for a few minutes to see what happened. It was a bit uncomfortable but not intolerable so it was maybe a half hour. When I started to get cold I called the twins over to tell them we had to go. The boy had a mini fit but the girl said she was ready. When we got back to their house the boy said he was going to stay outside. But now I had some big problems... I had to get out of the wet ski suit and clothes that I had on AND I had no dry clothes.

After thinking about it for a minute I knew I'd have to tell the girl as I'd have to have her get me some of her mother's clothes. With the ski suit bottoms still on I told her what had happened. She thought it was funny and that sure didn't make me feel very good. But, what was really funny was that she admitted that she had peed in her snow suit pants herself. 

She did get me some dry clothes and later on we all walked down to my house and I got some of my own. I washed all the wet things out but still faced the thought of telling the mother that I'd peed in her ski suit bottoms. The girl saved me though by telling her that we'd gotten mud on the pants while playing in the field.

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I went skiing a couple of months back I went skiing for the first time and bought some cheap salopettes and jacket off e-Bay. They were really comfy, almost like getting into bed. Last week we had loads of snow and I went out to help a friend who had got stuck in her car. By the time we got back I was physically tired and really needde to go. Having read this I went out into the back garden to take the spades down to the shed.<br />
<br />
I sat in the snow by the shed and relaxed. i emptied my bladder where I sat. It was a sublime moment. The relief was excellent but the feeling of letting go all my usual social values was priceless. I wanted to stay there for ever but I had to come in to see to my guests.<br />
<br />
With my jacket on over the top no-one could really see, So I made tea fro everyone and continued to swan around in my wet panties, tights and trousers. I was almost reluctant to go and shower. The underwear cooled down buthe rest of me was beautifully warm.<br />
<br />
I think I am gong to get a lot of wear out of my ski things.

I like wetting while wearing really soft thick long underwear -- soaks up a lot -- helps hold the warmth a little longer :-)