I Wee To Wet.

From the moment I'm dressed in the morning I'm waiting to start wetting myself. I'm not into drenching, as once done it's clean up time. I much prefer to do my first **** of the day then get dressed. While I make the tea, the sound of boiling water soon has me leaking pee into my cotton trunks and vest.

When the Tea's made and toast ready, I'll sit and read the newspaper, I'll keep my legs crossed and after, perhaps ten minutes, that delicious involuntary urge to pee wells up in my bladder. I don't try to hold; I just relax and let me wee-wee find its way out to wet again my cotton undies.

During the day, while working, at any moments pause, I let out a little spurt of ****. Never so much to run down my trousers, but sufficient to always have my undies nice and moist.

Of course I change my undies only occasionally leading to the wetting and drying cycle accumulating some lovely pee stains. But far better than the stains is the heady aroma given off from my ever drying undies: the smell of stale pee. 

ImustGo ImustGo
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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

I've started doing this again. I used to always try and keep my under pants wet without it showing as a kid. It was a game of mine to see just how wet I could be without anyone noticing. We wore dark coloured shorts at school and it was quite easy if I kept the wet patch low or between my legs to get away with it. Sometime I would be foundout but as I was abedwetter everyone thought I couldn't help it. When I was not at school I often just wet my self when playing alone. My pants would usually be dry by the time I went in. There was another lad in our class who was seldom ever seen without a wet patch in his shorts. I often wondered if like me he enjoyed being wet.<br />
Recently I have started doing this again. I can get away with having nicely damp pants if I am careful without it showing on my trousers. The feeling is just great.