Enlarged Labia

So guys whats your opinion?
Turn on or turn off?
kittykatt9999 kittykatt9999
41-45, F
42 Responses Sep 7, 2012

turn on

Love to see.add me. thanks

Turn on... Add please....

Total turn on!!

Don't know, I'd have to see what you mean.

Love it! Especially when it is being used as a tease under a short mini skirt from a lady sitting and showing.

Total turn on!!!

Mmm...the more it wraps around my ****...definitely YES!

Huge turn on definitely!!

Huge turn on

Big is good!

love 'em the more to lick on

Total Turn ON ! Love'em large....larger the better...more to suck and nibble on. :)

HUGE turn on!

Big turn on

lov it big time turn on .

I love large and thick labias. I love to see my wife's gripper labia lips running up and down on my shaft milking my tool.

Major turn on

my wifes is huge one look and i knew i was going to marry her

BIG turn on :D

A huge turn on!!! Love using a ***** pump to get it nice and fat!

The more to wrap my mouth around, the better.

hhmmm on more and more....hhmmm

ON, On. ON !!!!!

ON ! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, instantly hard ! ! !

Total turn on, wish I could lick it

It matters not! All labia are awesome in my opinion!

turn on.

Turn on for sure, but I love all labia

a turn on for me beautifullike to be friends

turn on big time..;)

Love it .I love to suck it , spank it , rub it between fingers, nibble on it , spit on it and rub my face on it.

Huge turn on! Plus the added benefit of being that much easier to get my tongue on :)

make me feel it with my ****....wanna play with it

add me so I can see!

Total turn on. Love to see them

Hey, it does not matter and we should take the person for who they are. In saying that, an enlarged labia is very good at engulfing an enlarged penis.

I used to be somewhat self concious of it but i do like it now

I just love the way all ****** are different myself , love em all mostly

definite turn on love to suck the juices out of the folds of an enlarbed labia

I'm going with TURN ON, suppose we will see some pics shortly!

turn ON