The Power of the Media

The Power of the Media


The media has had a big effect on me throughout my life.  A book called, 'Total Woman', by Marbel Morgan came out in the 70’s when I was a young housewife.  She taught me to keep my kitchen cabinet doors closed and to organize my shopping and meal planning. She also said we should surprise our husbands by dressing in a seductive way when he arrived home from work.  My girlfriend tried this after finding a cute teddy at a garage sale. She wore it while cooking dinner one night.  Her husband usually sat in the kitchen while she cooked talking about his day at work.  “He just sat there, speechless” she said. “Finally he said, ‘Sweetheart, would you please go get some clothes on.  You are embarrassing me.’”


I wonder if the commercials, movies and shows on television today embarrass him.  The media makes it look like everyone gets sexually involved with anyone they feel attracted to after the first date.   Is this why we have a whole generation of children that are facing the consequences of sex outside of marriage; pregnancy, STDs, Aides, heartache and disillusionment.  Some end up marrying someone they hardly know to have a baby they are not prepared to care for.  Others have babies while still in high school and try to raise them as single moms.  Some have abortions and live with guilt all their days.  Some young ladies end up with HPV, a virus that causes cancer and kills more women than all the STD’s put together.   Many are left with deep heartache after giving themselves to someone that is not in love with them, committed to them or married to them.     


The media is also filled with violence.  Our children become desensitized to violence.  Hitler once said, “I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience—imperious, relentless, and cruel.”


What is kind of children do we want to raise?  One of the first things Hitler did to build a generation without a conscience was ban prayer for schools.  He was able to get millions of German’s to kill and torture 8 million Jewish men, women and children.  How did he do that?  He used the media to mock and make fun of the Jewish people.  Then he blamed them for the hardships and atrocities of the past. 

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Wow! Excellent. Truly enjoyed reading this story. Please write more.