Married to An Adult Bedwetter

Hi, I am married to an adult bed wetter. I don't say that very often. He has been doing it since childhood and I just had to get used to t. I want so badly for there to be a magic pill that could stop his problem. We have tried drugs, alarms, not drinking anything after 6pm, regular sleeping schedules, doctors, everything I can think of. The doctor wants to make it seem as if it is only a bladder problem instead of a sleeping problem but yet all the crap he has prescribed has not even come close to fixing the problem. The long and short of it is that he sleep way too soundly, he doesn't react to the alarms. I can be shoving him and shaking him and he sleeps right through it. The vibrating alarm, pssshhhh that was crap, . Sleeping soaking wet, the thing vibrating for ten minutes, he didn't even know it was going off.  He has to wear, depends with plastic pants, and a plastic cover over the mattress, it goes through and soakes everything. I know it seems like I am bitching but I'm not I am just exasperated at this whole thing. We need help. His mom should have done more when he was a younger kid, even a teen, and the sad part is that she is a nurse. but no she didn't do anything. Now he is 24 years old and ******* himself 4 times a week.  Ugh geez, what do I do????

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Oh dear this obviously really upsets you doesn't it. Please put it in perspective. Your husband wets the bed. He can't help it Frustrating though it is really it isn't the end of the world. With proper protection bedwetting just isn't a big deal.

love him

I couldn't agree more. He wet's the bed. So What !!

Have u tried going spiritual?since it is obviously nothing medical. It could be a demonic attack of some sort. Pele o

Have your doctor do a sleep study we did this for my son and found that he actualy stops breathing several time in his and tat when he wet he now use use a c-pac machine and has been dry for 10 yrs now. good luck and keep tring anything the doctor sugests

can you please tell me how did that go ?? what test have you made on your child ?

you sound like my wife did befor she took control of my problem , i was like your husband but wet a few times each night and sometimes when got nervous, ohh just noticed how long ago you wrote this, was going to tell you what wife did to me, sadly she past 4 years ago

there are no of things that help bed wetting people drug work at first ten many times it takes more andmore of the drug<br />
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and for out there that think it is in the head you could be no more wrong<br />
diapers and bed pads work better then nothing <br />
<br />
but at least you love him and are still with him

It must be hard for you having to cope with your husbands bedwetting. Did you know he was a bedwetter before you married. I am suprised his mother being a nurse didn't seek help with his problem. The longer it is left untreated the harder it is to cure and you must accept a small proportion of us will always wet the bed. How does your husband feel about it? I was a chronic bedwetter as a child and always felt indifferent about it. I can't say it ever really bothered me. I never got any real help either it was just accepted in our family that I wet the bed and as I got older if I wanted the sheets changing I had to do it. I still wet the bed now but that was my choice to become this way again and not an apropriate story for this thread, but I can relate to your problem. IU think you really need to have a good talk to your husband about his wetting and find out just how he feels about it. If he really wants to address the problem you should see a specialist and demand some help. In the mean time a good waterproof cover for the matterass and a bed pad and or nappies at least will keep the wetness at his side of the bed.

He more than likely has a deep sleeping issue. Much has been said about changing sleep patterns to cure bed wetting. It is the basis for many clinics and paid services. Unfortunately the longer it persisted the harder it is to change. You are right, his mom should have addressed it long ago. Keep going with the wetting alarm and wake him ASAP, when it goes off. it will take a while.

I don't truly believe that this is purely physiological. I make a heavy-handed suggestion of a visit to a psychiatrist. He will be able to detect any underlying psychological issues. I hope that this helps you a bit.