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Sauna Experience

As I mentioned on my previous stories me and my wife spend some weekends in Switzerland in a hotel and always visit sauna.
I love when she see a sizable tool and peek on it trying not to be obvious, although told her many times that men do not care if they privates are on focus, just opposite love to be appriciated and peeked by a lovely lady.
On a journey like that, when we entered the sauna of our hotel, a middle aged gentleman was alone sitting on the middle bench in a very relaxed position. When he saw us he changed his position and sat in a more modest way. The point is that his manhood already catch my wife's attention the moment we entered. We both sat across of him, laying our towels under us. I was sure that he was also impressed of my wife's sexy nude body.
A few minutes later as he realised that we are not so much prudent about nudity, he become more relaxed in his sitting position, opening his legs wider and presenting his tool to everybody interested to look at, which my wife did. She did because it was really a decent sized one and with a very large head. When he was aware of her staring, he become more confident, resting his back and pushing his hips further, as if saying to her, take your time you may look as much as you want and even sent a small smile to her when their eyes met for a moment. She felt herself in an awkward position and just to say or explain someting, told him the silliest thing she can say. She later told me that it was the best she could tought at that very moment. She told him to excuse her for staring in a so rude manner to his manhood, she is doing a reserach in a university about penis shapes in the world and it is her professional behaviour defect. Also added that whenever she see some different shape, she can not stop herself staring and I, her husband got used to this somete time ago. Ofcourse he puzzled and told her that he did not have any idea that such a research exists in a university. Anyway we introduced each other and the conversation went on, learned that he is married, 2 kids, on a business trip,...
On the middle of the conversation she asked her if she can see his penis, erected, she needed to take some pics if possible, no need for face or any other parts, for her files only, for professional reasons. He surprised more to this request, than he did to the reserach matter.
Said, yes, may be, why not, how ... My wife invited him for a drink to our room after the sauna and we she could take the pics there. This is getting more and more interesting. Just as agreed everybody had their showers and went to our room, offered him wine, another 10 min conversation and then she produced a camera out of nowhere, asking him if she can. I think in 10 min conversation and after the wine he forgot why he was there and become shy. He hesitantly started to undress, as if he was not the one totaly nude infront of us one hour ago, trying to show his goods as much as possible. At the end he was free of any clothing, his penis semi erect started to stand like that.
She took some pics and asked him, she also need fully erected pics as well. He shyly started to play with himself, I'm sure that wondering about how he came to this position. Then suddenly my wife told him, ''let me help you a little '' and with the help of her talented fingers, he become rock hard in seconds. She took some pics and thanked him. When she told him it's over, he frozed there with a hard tool in his hand. My wife told him not to worry, as he did a favor to her she would do to him also, brought her hand cream and started to give him a superb hj, while in the same time I went near of them took out my ****, she finished both of us in a very short time. It was definitely an experience.
Please check the pics of the stranger in the photo section, would understand why wifey wanted to give a hj to him.

theconan theconan 36-40, M 10 Responses May 3, 2011

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lovely story-experience,

I love the story. I only ever get guys that want to play in the sauna. But I'd love a hot woman like your wife. Ask her if she'd play with my ****?

great story.. could you tell me which hotel this was?

I enjoy saunaa too, and will be thinking of this story the next time I go!

It is your BIG fantasy.

I would like to meet you guys and let her play with me... in a sauna or any other place... ummmmmm

great story, I can see why she was interested, the head is huge on that thing

Saw the pictures and omg, I would love to see my girlfriend sit on that!

In the interst of your research please have your wife look at my **** in my photos, while no where as big as the stranger in the suana, still 8 inches. Oh, your wife is amazing, would love for my wife to approach a total stranger and ask to take photos of his tool.

Good story. Please ask your wife to see me profile pics here on EP and comment.

Showed her your pics and she liked what she saw