Humiliation In The Changing Rooms...

My girlfriend has admitted that she likes the idea of other people looking at me naked. Once, as part of an art project, she took loads of pictures of me either naked or with flimsy objects like clingfilm, gauze of tights to "cover" my penis. The whole things was really embarrassing as the pictures weren't just being shown to strangers, but to my girlfriend's friends as well, who all got to have a good look at my private parts! Despite, or perhaps because of, the humiliation, I really want to pose nude again. At the moment, my girlfriend is deciding whether or not to let me pose nude for a life modelling class- I will let you know if anything develops from this!

My girlfriend decided to take me swimming a little while ago. When we got there I have to admit I was a little shocked to see the open plan male changing room- just a big bare, tiled room with some benches. No cubicles to hide away in. The other guys in there were well built and well-hung (unlike me!), and were walking around completely unashamed. Embarrassingly, I couldn't help myself looking at their large, well developed members. I felt a strange mix of admiration, envy and humiliation comparing them to my own, much more modest penis.

I took a deep breath, then nervously, and clumsily began to undress myself, until I was completely naked in front of all these other guys.

I was too ashamed too look at anyone else, so I'm not sure how much attention the other pool users paid to me, but there were loads of them in there. I didn't bother trying to hide my nudity at all, as I spent what seemed like a lifetime bent over, frantically scrabbling around in my bag for my trunks. A black attendant came through the room, and I'm sure I saw him cast an amused glance down at my penis. Apart from that, as I say, I was too shy to look to see anyone else's reaction. I eventually managed to get my shorts on, and get into the pool.

Throughout the swim, I was kind of dreading and looking forward having to get changed again. I did find it really humiliating having to be naked like like that in front of much bigger guys, but I have to admit that I liked in a strange way! From seeing some of the many stories on this website- I can see this is not that much of a rare thing! Also, I could have changed into my trunks before going to the pool if I was really worried about people laughing at me naked- I chose to do it!

After the swim, I got back to the men's changing room. Again, feeling really embarrassed, I pulled off my trunks.

I couldn't just put the wet trunks back in my bag, so I had to spend ages squeezing them out into the drain. I could have put a towel around my waist, but didn't bother. Again, I was too embarrassed to make eye contact with anyone else as I stood there- hunched over, red-faced and completely exposed, in a room of much bigger (in both senses), stronger guys.

After I told her about this, my girlfriend said that the idea of me being naked in a room of much bigger guys was a real turn-on for her, and she loved the idea of me being bossed around and humiliated by a guy with a much bigger **** than me..............!


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I was on the swim team and every day all my friends made fun of my tiny boy size nub. I used to love seeing all their big ones and I would jack off afterwards thinking of them. B

So hot!!! My tiny **** is throbbing now

Well thats the way of the world. Men with man sized ***** rule. The reat os us hope to get some scraps from their table

Nice story, I look when I can, dont be shy, you never know who will offer you to hold their big cock7

so after swimming i bet what ever you do have down there, was now just a nub, just a sm. ball sack bumped out from your body and no little peter to be found. when my towel is semi wet, i can fold it, then roll it to make a nasty towel whip. i like snapping little **** faces like you, making you howl and cower in the corner. you don't need to worry about covering and protecting your **** and balls, there nothing there to get snapped.

Thanks for your comments guys! So far, I've still not done any more nude modelling, but I am defintiely still interested!!! (;

very hot. know the feeling of being bossed around and humiliated by a bigger **** guy.<br />
you ever take that nude modeling class?

i know how you feel i was a very late bloomer and got laughed by girls older and younger then me almost my whole life i still dint feel lifke im big im just over the 6 inch mark when im hard,you can read my storys i can relate with you