Also. Damn you Facebook. I dont have one but my friend who has one allows me to lurk (common friends). All my HS, College, even, relatives all think I'm dead or gone missing. Really, I'm in hiding. I see their profile and Wow! Omgash! Cute pic. Of your baby. "Wait. What?! your eating authentic lasagna from all the way in the place it was born" ****! My life experience is an ant compared to your lobster looking ant. But that's cool, do your thang thang.

You see. I wanna do my thang thang too. I know I got stop pulling out the measuring stick but it hard. I wanna new name, new face, new life, and when I finally accepted my fate. Old friends will envy me. =)
feint30 feint30
31-35, M
Dec 8, 2014