Dang Those Folks

This is completely inexplicable! I am so very envious of my co-workers & their cool cellies. And I thought I had learned not to be jealous of other folk's gadgetry, etc.!

"Wow dude! I can even talk to the Space Shuttle w/ this baby!" My co-worker Jack says gleefully.

("Shaddup!") I'm thinking...LOL!


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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I work in a shipping dept. & so the drivers come in for their paperwork. And, lo & behold they all seem to have the cool cellies, & the one that is like a walky-talky. This 1 driver had 2 cell phones on a cord around his neck...it aint fair...sniff!<br />
<br />
Bill G.! What an arrogant idiot! W/ all the moola in the world, he has to boss his wife around too? He's lucky he gets away w/ that! <br />
Personally speaking, my lovely wife wouldn't take that sh*t from anybody! <br />
I think I'll go home & tell her she can't have a phone w/ a camera just cus I sez so! (Please visit me in the hospital?...LOL!)

I have an iPhone. I'm used to being envied! LOL How many people can say they are envied by Melinda Gates? Bill won't let her have an Apple product in the house and all she wants is an iPhone!