I Don't Have A Diagnosis Of Ee, But Having Tests For Acid Reflux/heartburn

I have not heard of EE, so was intrigued by all your stories in this group. Not sure of all the symptoms, but I've had alot of heartburn and burping, regardless of what I drink or eat. I've always had sinus problems, infections, congestion, post-nasal drip, coughing. Then, after having a barium-swallowing test in GI dept of the VA Clinic, the diagnosis came as GERD...and alot of acid buildup in the throat. As a result of an upper endoscopy, a hiatal hernia was revealed, but not sure if there is any treatment for that. A couple of proton pump inhibitor type meds, to block acid, caused major skin rash reactions. Since a few people I knew, who also had the same problems and tried Nexium successfully, I asked for it and finally started taking 20 mg. It has taken the edge off, but not working sufficiently to get rid of burping and burning at times. So I'm hoping to start soon on 40 mg and see how that works, especially since Im not taking anything right now! The gallbladder functioning via ultrasound has been done, and came out normal, and my GI specialist suggested the next test to be scanning the gallbladder and liver images. I would be interested to know what the test for EE is. When I have the chance, I will ask the GI lady at the VA. Oh, and I also know that the H.Pylori bacteria was negative and alot of blood work results were normal.
I hope everyone in this group stays connected and keeps us all informed!
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Hi, Suntashie:<br />
My goodness, you actually have had that endoscopy done eight times?!. Is it the upper endoscopy or eshopageal manometry (measuring how the food is swallowed between the esophagus and stomach?) test? That one was suggested as my next step. However, I was given the wrong news about my HIDA scan of the gallbladder. The NP at the VA called and told me that my gallbladder is not functioning properly, so she tried to help me decide what the next step would be. I don't know exactly what's going on with the gallbladder. I could consult with a surgeon about the pros and cons of removing it, but surgery is controversial. Who knows if my symptoms will be relieved once it's taken out?! I asked Linda, the NP, if I could have another upper endoscopy there, since it's been a while since the first one (which indicated a hiatal hernia but normal looking esophagus). Maybe another look and biopsy of cells would show something clearer. It doesn't sound very comfortable, but maybe stretching my esophagus would help. Food and liquid do pass all the way down, I believe, but there is always a feeling of a lump right in the middle of the throat....and alot of air and gas.<br />
Well, that's it for now. I've got to go and be careful what I eat! lol<br />
Take care....Peace, Health and Prosperity!<br />

How are you all doing in your daily lives? I'd like to hear from you, encourage you to stay positive, determined and patient in finding relief from symptoms. Let's find out what works. I've recently read an interesting report called RefluxRemedyReport, by Bob Barton. It explains simple daily eating habits and certain ingredients that help to ease reflux.<br />
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Hi, suntashie and EE friends! Here's an update. Wednesday I went to the VA and had a HIDA scan. It was similar to a test that other people had told me they had received. A radioactive solution was injected via IV, and moved by the bile to the gall bladder, liver and small bowel intestines over a period of an hour and a half. The second dosage, for the last half hour, caused burning in my throat and gurgling throughout the belly. This morning I called and found the results were normal functioning of the gallbladder. So that is good...no gallstones and no problem with the gallbladder or liver. But I still have symptoms and don't know the cause. My doctor said the GI specialist's next suggestion was to have Motility Testing of the Esophagus...I believe that is called Esophageal Manometer, because I was researching on webmd and medicinenet on the various tests. Has anyone had this measurement test to determine how food travels down the esophagus to the stomach?<br />
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