My Story Living With Eosinophilic Esophagitis

I can remember the day I started getting choked my mom would say stop eating so fast and make sure to chew your food up good. Then I would have bad chest pain. I would say I am not eating fast and I am chewing it up good MOM. Then one day I was at work when I was sixteen and had serve chest pain I thought I was having a heart attack. So my manger called my mom to come and get me. They did all kinds of test and said it was acid reflux and sent me home. I continued to have the pain so my primary doctor sent me to a GI doctor. They did all kinds of test and said it was my gallbladder. So they removed my gallbladder and said everything should be getting back to normal. But I was still getting choked and having chest pain.I got choked drinking a juice box and passed out. So they did some more test and said I had a hiatal hernia and EE. So they dilated my esophagus and sent me to allergist. They tried me on all kinds of meds but they don't help. I am twenty three now and have to have my esophagus dilated every month. I go to a new allergist tomorrow to see what the next step is to helping me.Hopefully I will find out what foods is cause this last time I was allergic to everything but potatoes.
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how are you getting on now any better?

Yeah.I have tired it before and it didnt help. But he decide to put me back on it again to see if it might help this time.So we will see what happens.