My Son & Daughter Have Ee

My name is Jackie and both my children have EE.  When my daughter was 5 years old she started having problems and getting real sick.  The Dr.s were very confused about what was going on.  Then one day her pcp said I should take her to see an allergist and the allergist sent me to see a GI Dr The Dr did an Upper Scope and came back to tell me she hass EE.  Of course I was very upset and didn"t know how to handle any of this over time it started getting a little easier to deal with that was until her disease started getting worse and we found out that Strong Hospital could no longer help us.  My daughter is on 9 medications a day and a very strict food diet. For the last 2 years we have had to travel to Cincinnati's Children's Hospital to get treated.  Then on one of are trips last year we had a son tested because he was not feeling good and it turns out he also has EE.  We travel every 12 weeks to the hospital to get the kids looked at.  I am looking for support and hoping we find some answers soon about this disea
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Hi Jackie! First let me say that you won't find a better children's hospital than Cincinnati. Our son was also diagnosed with EE and has been seeing a doctor here who has been excellent. He's currently on medication, and doing well. I have EE as well and initially started having problems about 10 years ago while I was in the military. So I know what you're going through. Keep your hope up that we'll get through this and have normal lives.