I've Had Ee All My Life

I have found out that I have pass ee on to may son we have had a couple of very hard years trying to pin point his allergies but we are getting there.  I have always had problems with eating but have a great gi doc. My son also has problems he is on a 3 year program with desensitising and also diet. We both take flixotide which seems to help

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

My son is 11 and was diagnosed about 8 months ago with EE. Immediatly they wanted to stretch his esophagus and put him on numerous medications. After his first stretching my husband and I were upset at the amount of pain he was in. The doctors could not tell me what long term effects that medication would have. But they insisted that because it was so severe without medication we couldn't get this under control. We tried allergy testing and they couldn't pinpoint a specific allergy. We were very frustrated. We decided to do an elimination diet of our own vegan with no dairy,eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, no corn, no wheat . It was hard but we did it as a family. We just got my son scoped today and the doctor could not believe that we had accomplished such an improvement in his esophagus. I know that every case is a little different and some choose the medication but since my son is only 11 and I know that medication is only temporary. We will be able to add foods slowly back to find ones he can tolerate but there is hope. I am trying to teach my son that it is hard to live without all of his favorite foods but at least he can walk, run, talk, hear and many other things that other children cannot. By doing lots of research we have been able to modify alot of recipes to fit our diet. Keep up hope and Good Luck.