If you sleep with your mother or any of your relatives or molest little children,  I did not add you to my circle!!  Hackers are the ones asking you to join my circle!   It is happening even after changing passwords.

luvmc11 luvmc11
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10 Responses Sep 4, 2010

You can get and give pm's from anyone on ep, they don't necessarily have to be in your circle.

How do they do this?

Very often I get mail from people I have not added and wonder how they got through. Reading your story, I wonder myself if my account has been hacked also.

I am sorry that your profile was hacked into as well, Kitten. It seems to have stopped for now. I just hope it doesn't start again.

Thank You fungirl and Kindal, I appreciate your thoughts. :)

Ewwww I am sorry this is happening to you.

You are right Unique, it is like identity theft. Thank You for your support. (Hugs)

This hacking is like identity theft, they pretend to be you and ruin your good name. I'm sorry for you {{{HUGS}}}

Thank You for your support Scooby, it is frustrating.<br />
*empathetic hugs* back to you destry. Thank You. I know you are going through the same thing. I feel very vulnerable to being violated now. *sigh*

Sorry its happening to you Luv. Its got to be frustrating.