No Bra For Me

I never wear a bra and I have never worn one. I just love the freedom of movement that my boobs can make. Even now I am breastfeeding I do horseriding and sports without a bra. I love my big braless boobs full of milk.
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6 Responses Jul 24, 2010

You are a wonder influence and example to other women. Bras have a very strong link to breast cancer and women don't need to wear something that would cause them that much harm and pain. They can be a source of great back pain. Can you confirm that you don't have back pain, please?

freedom of will is a gift.

That has created an amazing imagine in my mind.

I am with you. No bras in my home. Dont own a single one and I love being natural besides my small boobs dont need anything to hide them. I love being topless as well.<br />

I see people were quick to post perverse comments without considering the social heroism Vanessa has shown. Bras are a dangerous gender barrier. They need to go. Women like Vanessa serve as role models for other women so that society may shed this curse imposed on it by the uneducated society.

That's a beautiful image and my growing erection thanks you.