I Am Braless

I always EP Braless I do most things braless. I always sit at my computer braless and a lot of the time topless

dnsk1 dnsk1
36-40, F
7 Responses Feb 14, 2009

All sounds fine to me

If you were around me, you could be topless all the time. Or if we went out to eat, see thru.

Would be topless all the time if I could.

Braless doesn't apply to me, but EPing naked is good fun, as is being naked anyway. But I'm not sure I get the point of whether a bra is worn or not,at least at home.

I think you will like it

I tried it bottomless once....But my Butt stuck to the chair.....I really need to get a cloth seat cover...hehehehe

My computer doesn't even know what clothes are. It's never seen them.