It seems odd to me that people seem to view going without a bra to be a shocking and kinky thing.

Seriously, they are just boobs!

Yes, shock, bleeding horror! I often EP braless! I go out braless too. Bras just don't go with some outfits...That's not sex, its fashion. I'm only a B-cup, I can go without the support if need be. 

Here's another 'shocking revelation' I don't sleep in a bra either...If I'm in my pajamas I don't wear underwear at all! *Gasp!*

Please note, if you use this story as an excuse for innapropriate comments or PMs, I will eat you alive. And not in a good way.  

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16 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Our culture tends to be repressed due to out of mind victorian ideals, which never worked and never will. Religious concepts enter in of course. We're long overdue to mature spiritually, emotionally and physically.<br />
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All intelligent people writer their own rules, as long as they harm no one.<br />
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There is nothing more beautiful than the sweet curve of a lovely woman's breast. Keep up the good work.<br />
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;-)<br />
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I am braless also. As soon as I come home from work my bra comes off and it does not get put back on till my next working day. I am always braless on ep

What do mean by "only a B-cup"? "They" and I do believe we all know what I'm referring to are meant to be enjoyed as I would think yours are. Being sexy is the total package. You should never be envious of anyone possessing something of a larger quantity - its quality and not quantity that matters.

Nut slings??? LOL Are those really necessary?<br />
<br />
Wait... don't answer that!<br />
<br />
People wear BRAS to BED????<br />
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Why don't they invent mini bras for men? Like a pair of nut slings?? Comfort and support in one fiddly, hard to undo package!

Does that mean you shower without one also?

I also went for a nut-tuck. Works basically the same as a tummy tuck, only lower. Also went the helium way, to my utter disappointment.

Damn, she got me again. Don't tell Mr gravity though.

I have sorted this weightless thing out, I defy gravity, I spit in its face, bah!

Yup, I hate the straps showing too, that's why I don't wear them anymore :)

I'm with you...we make too much of wearing bras. Some people need them, but many do not, and they do cause some health problems, as well as help prevent other.

You should see them now. They came with some other goodies too. Who knows, maybe someday I'll post a pic.

My cleavage is getting nicer by the day, I might have to wear bra's one of these days. hehehe

I don't like underwear, they get in the way.

you are hilarius!