I Thought I Was the Only One!

I don't have DSL at home, and I have to dial up to surf! it's killing me, it's only 28.8 Kb/s!! can you believe that, and I paid for 50kb/s. This provider is robing me, I'll show them who they are dealing with!!

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8 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I sympathise with you my friend, at least know that there are others suffering as well.

Hah, i discovered, signed up and use EP via mobile cuz my pc burnt up, and there are so limited functions. Its so frustrating.

thanks, I will check it out

I don't know if this is really true but have a friend who uses this service and has for a few years:<br />
www phreego dot com they say you get DSL for a dial up price - check them out? They are nationwide.

I will, I think I'll get a DSL for home too. thank you for your suggestion.

Why not get comcast, verizon or something?

No, my modem is fine, I had another provider and I had 50kb/s, my membership with it expired, so I am using a free 10 hour card! now I know why it was free!<br />
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Hmm....seems to me that you just didn't configure your modem right (or it's a reaaaaly old model - 15 years or more). Telephone line provides 56kbps speed by default. I don't remember anymore, since I haven't used modem for years, but you can change connection speed in the control panel. It's probably set to 288000 or instead of 560000 or something like that.