One Year Later: Has The Playground Shifted, Or Was It Just Me?

I made my first contribution to this category just over one year ago.  While browsing through the various groups I belong to this afternoon, I suddenly had a different take on title of this one.  I'm sure this was meant to address the bullying the swipes some members make towards each other, as so often happened during recess.  At least, it happened enough to me that I picked up the motif here.  On the other hand, the school playground wasn't always that bad a place.  I'm sure I burned off a lot of energy there, participated in sports, made friends, used my imagination, teased a few girls who didn't hesitate to give it right back to me, occasionally showed off a new toy, and was even sometimes popular.  And, yeah, sometimes I even got into a bit of trouble.  The school playground wasn't just where problems occurred.  It was a jumping off point for the real world, and the rest of my life. 

Here in EP?  Well, I don't participate in sports, I leave that for rl.  But I spend enough time burning off mental energy with my contributions, I make friends, sometimes tease and get teased right back, talk about what's new and what's old, and sometimes, though not often, I think I'm even a bit popular.  I don't get into a lot of trouble -- oh, I occasionally let it all hang out, either tongue-in-cheek or as the genuine me -- but I sometimes think about getting into a bit of trouble hee hee hee. 

Oh, my!  Oh, my!  Too much information, right?  Well, if EP is sometimes like a school playground, then I'm going to enjoy playing. 

Now, my faithful G.I. Joe, let's see how the girls over there are mishandling their Barbies . . .
UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Aug 3, 2010