EP Naked

Do I EP naked...you bet I do.  Why bother wearing clothes at home and anywhere else you can.  As an avid nudist I do everything naked, or as my friends say...BUCK NAKED because when at home I take off the ear rings, flip flops and anything else that might be on my body.  It feels great to clean house naked and if you get dirty just take a shower and stay naked...no clothes to wash and dry.

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8 Responses Mar 27, 2009

Yes painting and housework should always be done nude. Why ruin clothes with paint? I always take my shorts off (if wearing any!) before going onto EP. Spend most of the time at home nude, or wearing just a tee shirt if its cold.

Wearing clothes at home is silly. Going naked is the new age rule !

Rei, I remember you used to get naked so quickly and completely I almost thought your skin was on fire. LOL

I'm definitely with you about taking off EVERYTHING when getting naked.

Hearing you talk about it has the same effect on me.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to clean house completely naked. Running around with my ***'s bouncing and slapping together, my *** shaking freely and my bare feet on the floor makes me so damn horny.

I like to clean house naked, especially the bathroom. I can clean the shower while standing in it.

I also love to be naked at home.

I especially like naked painting - no more ruined clothes