What A Drama

After so much talk of Taco Tuesday, I finally decided that, yes, a taco or two would be really awesome. But since I couldn't be bothered cooking and preparing it myself, I had to go out and buy.

I learnt something that Tuesday;

Ballarat does NOT have a Mexican restaurant! It doesn't even have anything that sells food vaguely representing Mexican food.

That bummed me out.

And changed my mind about wanting a taco or two.

If was going to have to prepare it myself instead of paying to have someone else make it for me, I didn't want it ... actually I was pretty adament that I didn't want anything Mexican food related.

But after a quick search of the house, I had changed my mind.

I wasn't going to have tacos (not that I wanted them anymore). I was going to have nacho wedges.

And they were some good nacho wedges ... although not as good as tacos would've been.

I probably should've gone down to Safeway and brought the taco stuff.

IdleTraveller IdleTraveller
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2010

same was as I would make nachos, but substitute potato wedges instead of the corn chips. SOOOO good!

Hmmm, interesting! How do YOU make your nacho wedges?